Events & Banquets

‘A smell, taste or texture can carry many memories dear to the guest’

Karambezi Cafe takes much joy and pride in being able to be a part of the guest’s special events and celebrations. Whether it is a corporate cocktail or a wedding reception, they always strive to ensure that their guests leave full with a smile on their faces.

The newly launched Banquet Menu and Cocktail Snack Menu both contains a mixture of delicacies that high lights the intercontinental cuisine, where inspiration and ways of preparation has been drawn from esteemed food cultures all over the world. It is a multi cultural combination where only the finest dishes of each culture are represented. Every menu is unique, but all have in common that they include dishes that proudly carries either the Asian, the Arabic, the Tanzanian or the Mediterranean heritage.

Karambezi Cafe also offers the service of custom making menus for guest’s special occasion. They understand and appreciate how much it means to people to have their favorite food served at their wedding or confirmation. 'Food is such an important part of an event and a smell, taste or texture can carry many memories dear to a guest. We are happy to help create their dream event for them’.

For corporate functions, cocktail events, banquets or weddings, please click here or call +255 222600380/7, extension 6007/6008, or +255772053545