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Our Wine & Cocktail Menu holds a blossoming mixture of many different types of wines from both small local wineries as well as from large producers overseas. Every bottle presented on the wine list has been carefully chosen in corporation with wine connoisseurs for each wine’s individual taste and qualities. Together they form a mouth-watering selection where everyone can find a delicious wine suitable to their own taste and choice of food.

If you are joining us for a relaxing Sun Downer with friends, or looking for a sweet and bubbly way to finish your dinner, we ensure you will find what you seek amongst our delicious Cocktails and Mocktails.

Main menu

Reserved White Wine

Glen Carlou Sauvignon Blanc
Intense tropical and passion fruit flavours with fine acidity and great balance132,000
Circle of life Sauvignon Blanc
Lime, grapefruit and peach notes. Intense flavors with great balance. Great complexity and persistent finish165,000
Haute Cabriere Chardonnay Pinot Noir
Chardonnay contributes elegance and Pinot Noir intensity and richness. Combined in perfect proportions, they create an exciting, delightful taste experience110,000
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Reserved Red Wines

Waterkloof Circle of Life Red
A classically styled wine with notes of cassis and cedar. The seamless, elegant palate is encased by fine tannins. It is a wine that will increase in complexity with age175,000
Neetlingshof Caracal
An elegant, full bodied rich and succulent dry red wine. Prominent aromas of plums, blackcurrant and cherry flavours170,000
John X Merriman
Ripe, with alluring grilled herb, cocoa, currant and plum flavors, backed by fine-grained tannins. Shows a nice sanguine note on the finish175,000
Haute Cabriere Pinot Noir
An elegant wine with true varietal character. Dark fruit flavours are layered with juicy red200,000
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Our House Wines

Stormhoek Sauvignon Blanc
Lychee and citrus flavours. Well balanced, zesty and moreish41,000
Stormhoek Cabernet Merlot
Blackcurrant, bramble and a hint of leaf perfectly combined with chunky tannins41,000
False Bay Sauvignon Blanc
An intense, cool climate Sauvignon Blanc with racey green bell peppers and tropical fruits44,000
False Bay Shiraz
Full bodied yet elegant Shiraz with hints of bramble fruit aromas, cassis and plums with soft chewey tannins55,000
False Bay Rose
Delicate and fruity Rosé with delicious summer fruits balanced with a hint of spice44,000
Ken Forrester Petit Semi-Sweet
A decidedly moreish wine with a powerhouse of flavours the likes of ripe melon, guava and pineapple. Tangy with honey notes44,000

Our White Wine Selection

Ken Forrester Petit Chenin Blanc
Ripe apple aromas are followed by a combination of subtle honey and pear flavours on the palate and a lengthy finish66,000
Ken Forrester Petit Sauvignon Blanc
This wine shows lovely complexity with mix of tangy grassy notes, fig leaf, and peach and nectarine nuances. Brisk acidity with minerality on the palate which is typical of the long hang time in our cool region66,000
Hill & Dale Dry Rose Merlot
Refreshing and fruity on the palate, there is a slight hint of sweetness preventing the wine from being overwhelmingly dry in the mouth. Flavours of ripe berry are forthcoming, followed by a pure finish owed to a crisp acidity61,000
Fleur du Cap Sauvignon Blanc
On the nose the wine shows ample aromas of green pepper with passion fruit and melon. This medium bodied wine has a crisp acidity which complements the tropical fruit flavours on the palate75,000
Fleur du Cap Chardonnay
The wine has a light straw yellow colour with tints of green and gold. On the nose it shows lovely citrus notes with a touch of tropical fruit aromas and ends with a hint of oak spices. This medium bodied Chardonnay, is highly fruit driven whilst the wood adds to the fullness without dominating it. Beautiful balance between sweetness and acidity is complemented by a lingering aftertaste79,000
Hill & Dale Sauvignon Blanc
Our Sauvignon Blanc is a complex combination of papaya, grapefruit, lime and winter melon. Enjoy this wine slightly chilled, on its own or served with seafood and pastas60,000
Danie De Wet Unoaked Chardonnay
Clean crisp with intense citrus and grapefruits notes with zesty acidity and a lingering length76,000
Peacock Ridge Sauvignon Blanc
A combination of tropical and citrus aromas are prominent on the nose. A rich palate with an abundance of tropical flavours. Firm acidity freshens the rich palate. This is a lovely wine to pair with fresh salads and shellfish dishes79,000

Our Red Wine Selection

Fleur du Cap Cabernet Sauvignon
Full bodied and rich on the palate it shows attractive berry flavours with a hint of smokiness and good tannic structure93,000
Hill & Dale Merlot
Ripe berries and dark chocolate aromas with a hint of mint elagantly balanced by ripe fruit and spicy vanilla on the palate. Partners with stews and casseroles68,000
Hill & Dale Pinotage
This plum- coloured, youthful pinotage shows aromas of strawberries and prunes. On the palate berries and spicie oak are clearly expressed68,000
Brampton Shiraz
Dark ruby red with a peppery spicey nose and soft easy drinking tannins110,000
Petit Pinotage
Ripe mulberry and cherry fruit on the nose. Juicy, accessible, soft and rich on the palate, with a delicious fruit concentration66,000
Ken Forrester Petit Cabernet-Merlot
Ripe berry fruit aroma, inky red/black colour with bright hints. Soft and rich on the palate, with a delicious fruit concentration. This cheerfully Petit Pinotage reflects the modern fruit driven wine style that is demanded toda66,000
Durbanville Hills Merlot Rosé
Refreshing, light-bodied and crisp with summer berries on the palate78,000

Bubbly Occasions

Laurent Perrier Brut
Mellowness, finesse and freshness combine to achieve a remarkable balance, in a succession of constantly shifting taste sensations and a long, satisfying finish1215,000
Moet & Chandon
This classic has been around since 1750. You will have one of the nearly 26 million bottles produced yearly195,000
Dry with a touch of earthiness, tastes of yellow apple, pear and citrus. Goes well with any of our fish dishes89,000
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Appleton White Rum, mint leaves, passion fruit, passion juice, soda water, sugar and lime wedges13,000
Zanzi Spice Mojito
Appleton White Rum, mint leaves, soda water, spice sugar and lime wedges13,000
Moscow Mule
Russian Standard Vodka, Tangawizi, lime juice and lime wedges12,000
Mai Thai
Dark rum, triple sec, pineapple juice and fresh pineapple12,000
Long Island Ice Tea
AVodka, gin, light rum, tequila, triple sec, lemon juice, Coke and ice14,000
Vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice12,000
Piña Colada
Light rum, Malibu, pineapple juice and coconut cream12,000
Karambezi Special
Light rum, passion juice, pineapple juice and coconut cream13,000
Choose between:
Strawberry, kiwi , peach, apricot Frozen/straight/on the rocks Tequila, triple sec, sugar and lime13,000
Appleton White Rum, soda water, mint, sugar and lime12,000
Choose between:
Strawberry/kiwi/peach/apricot Frozen/on the rocks/straight Light rum, lime juice and ice12,000
Light rum, lime, sugar and ice12,000
Bloody Mary
Vodka, tomato juice, red hot sauce, Worchester sauce, lemon juice, salt and pepper12,000
Karambezi Sundowner
Campari, citrus juice, cranberry juice and ice13,000


Fruit Punch
Mango juice, pineapple juice and orange juice mixed with ice cream9,000
Mango cooler
Mango juice, orange juice, lime juice, strawberry syrup and ice9,000
Orange juice, lime cordial, sugar syrup and bitter lemon9,000
Strawberry Blush
Strawberry syrup, lime juice and ice topped off with Sprite9,000
Virgin Daiquiri
Soda water, ice, strawberry syrup or lime juice.cream9,000


Kilimanjaro Draught Beer
Castle Lite Draught Beer
Kilimanjaro Lager
Ndovu Lager
Safari Lager
Serengeti Lager
Tusker Lager
Tusker Light

After Dinner Special Drinks

Dom Pedro
Peppermint Liqueurs or Amarula or Baileys Cream Liqueur,Whiskey or Kahlua mixed with Vanilla Ice Cream and with Our Secret Ingredient of Chocolate Brownie bits mixed into this9,000
Irish Coffee
Served with Whiskey or with Amarula or Kahlua Coffee Liqueur.9,000